This is me. This is my dream. Over 10+ years in the making, and what I thought was just a crafting hobby, that turned into a passion project... is now a dream come true!... 

oh, and I just love bags!!!  

All products are lovingly created and made by me.

Each bag is handsewn and by a limited edition.

Each exterior and interior fabric prints are coordinated by me, and every bag is a unique and an original hazel gina designs piece.

The bag/tote pattern was designed by

We had such a great time doing the photo shoots, all around the Bay Area, for this website. These amazing humans are a true blessing!! Fellow Flight Attendants who are not only the best co-workers but also such good friends, whom I'm lucky to call fAAmily. "Thank you" is just not enough to say and to express my unending appreciation and gratitude, not only for them giving me their time and positive energy, but their God given talents and beauty, for me and my new venture.

I love you all and cannot wait til we get to fly together again... until then, here's to our Plan B!!!